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Dr. Sara Joy David (#(0786)
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Dr. Sara Joy David is a clinical psychologist, educator, lecturer, and writer. Dr. David is a cognitive, behavioural psychologist who teaches that thoughts cause feelings and behaviours and must be changed to assure improved emotional comfort and more effective behaviour. Dr. David is also an emotionally expressive therapist who facilitates accessing emotional energy blocked as anger, fear and sadness so as to restore joy, peace and creativity.

Dr. David has a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, an M.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from Duke University. Sara has been an instructor of psychology and women's studies courses in British Columbia, Canada, where she has practised as a clinical psychologist since 1972.

Dr. David began her career as a counsellor at Simon Fraser University. She was the Continuing Education Co-ordinator of credit free programs for women, and served on the committee that established the Interdisciplinary Women's Studies program at SFU. She has taught at the University of Victoria, Antioch University, and Douglas College at graduate and undergraduate levels (courses in group process, psychology for women, humanistic psychology, stability and change in the individual and society, and feminist counselling).

Dr. David has made presentations to many professional groups, including the British Columbia Teacher's Federation; teachers in Toronto, Burnaby, Vancouver, Victoria, and Vanderhoof at Professional Developments Days; social workers employed by the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Services; Ministry of the Attorney General of B.C.; Family Court lawyers and mediators; university deans, counsellors, and psychologists in both British Columbia and Alberta. She has contributed articles to leading Canadian and American newspapers, magazines, and professional journals.

Dr. David has made important contributions to changing the way therapists look at women. "A very intelligent, readable, accurate and thought-provoking anthology" wrote Phyllis Chesler, the author of the best-selling book, Women and Madness, in her review of Women Look at Psychiatry, co-edited by Dr. David and Dorothy E. Smith. This anthology exposed the destructive power of diagnostic labelling. Contributors to the book explored the difference between the concepts of "anger" and "madness", questioning who has the right to decide. S. Cekelis, while at Simon Fraser University, observed that Dr. David's work contributed both to the development of the Guidelines for Therapy and Counselling with Women by the Canadian Psychological Association (approved and adopted in 1980) and the development of a feminist paradigm for counselling.

Dr. David states that: "Being authentic in a society that encourages conformity is a demanding but worthwhile task. It requires freeing oneself from the conditioning and felt pressure often induced by family, schools, religious institutions and one's cultural heritage. One must also dismantle one's own image of "self" based on memories, beliefs, habits and attitudes. Experiencing, expressing, and understanding emotions that have been previously stifled frees blocked emotional energy that is then available for more nurturing, self-loving and enthusiastic living.


Beverley Anne Star

Writer, wellness and lifestyle consultant Beverley Star served as Assistant to the Director of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). She co-ordinated bilingual, international, in-camera seminars, and national conferences involving leading experts from the private and public sectors: senior government officials, public policy makers and analysts, CEO's of major private and Crown corporations, university presidents and deans. The seminars had as a focus: health care, post-secondary education, ethical conduct in the Public Service, immigration, refugee, Native and other public policy issues. As part of her responsibilities, Beverley Star attended the prestigious Vanier Medal Presentation by the Governor General each year at Rideau Hall (Government House) in the Capital City.

Beverley Star left a burgeoning career at IPAC to give her full time passionate attention to her self-directed study of philosophy, psychology, alternative education, health science, natural living and spirituality. Beverley Star travelled internationally, delighting in the diverse cultures she encountered, pondering and seeking answers to life's critical questions while frequently communing in the tranquility and beauty of nature.

In 1979, she came across the first of many books she was to read by J. Krishnamurti (K)(1895-1986), the renowned spiritual teacher whose lectures, writings, tapes, and discs have inspired people throughout the world, including distinguished scientists such as David Bohm, philosophers, psychologists, university professors, and high profile politicians. She knew she had come upon teachings which would change her life dramatically. The search for truth ended while the richness and challenge of living the truth had just begun and would never end.

In the same year of 1979, Beverley Star began her study of Health Science at Dr. Herbert M. Shelton's world-famous Health School in San Antonio, Texas and other affiliated Health Schools in Florida and California. Dr Shelton is one of the founders of the natural healing movement and author of over 50 books on Health Science. Dr. Shelton was a pioneer in the teaching of health science, the laws of natural, healthy living that lead to achieving optimal vibrant health naturally. Beverley Star has since experienced superb, radiant health, with the added bonus of never again having to seek medical advice.

Beverley Star's articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada and the United States. She has also appeared on television in both countries to discuss the innate intelligence of the body in healing itself and the lifestyle choices that assure radiant health at any age.